Micronesia: Chuuk

Angaang chek aramas
Only through people that the work can be done (Fóósun Chuuk)

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Chuuk is one of the four states in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), which is an independent republic in free association with the United States. Chuuk includes Chuuk Lagoon, with the main island of Weno and many islands in the regions of Nómwoneas  (Fonoton, Piis-Panewu, Tonoas, Fefen, Parem, Siis, Etten, Uman) and Fáichuk (Udot, Eot, Ramanum, Fanapanges, Pwene, Paata, Onei, Tol). Chuuk State also includes several smaller islands and atolls — the Mortlock Islands (Nema, Losap, Pisemwar, Kuttu, Mòch, Tà, Namoluk, Ettal, Lukunor, Satowan) and the Northwestern Islands (Kuop [uninhabited], Murilo, Nomwin, Fananu, Ruo, East Fayu [uninhabited], Nómwonweité, Polowat, Pollap, Houk, Tamatam). About 29% of Chuuk’s population lives in the outer islands, while 40% live in Weno. [1]

Official / Indigenous languages

Official / Indigenous languages

Kapasen Chuuk / Fóósun Chuuk (Chuukese), Kapasen Mwoshulók (Mortlockese), Kepehen Pwolowat (Polowatese), Kapahan Nómwonweité (Namonuito), Pworausen Pááféng (Pááféng)
* note: English is also widely spoken 

Common greetings in Kapasen Chuuk (pdf)

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48,654 (2010) [2]

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Number of schools

79 schools in SY18-19
59 elementary; 8 high schools; 12 multi-grade [3]

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Number of students

11,088 in SY19-20 [4]

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Number of teachers

580 teachers in SY19-20 [4]

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Teacher credentials

44% qualified; 11% certified in SY19-20
80% with associate’s degrees
18% with bachelor’s degrees
2% with advanced degrees [4]

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Institutes of higher education

College of Micronesia Chuuk Campus offers associate degrees in elementary and early childhood education, as well as certificates and programs in liberal arts, early childhood education, and trades.