Micronesia: Kosrae

Oaru in oru ma srisrik kunom
Be responsible and dedicated even with small tasks (Kahs Kosrae)

ocean and land

Kosrae is one of four states of the Federated States of Micronesia, which is an independent republic in free association with the United States. The state includes the main island of Kosrae and several nearby inhabited and uninhabited islets. The most significant nearshore island in Lelu Island, which is nearly 2 sq km in area and has a population of about 1,500 people. Kosrae is divided into four municipalities — Lelu, Tafunsak (including Walung), Malem, and Utwe. [1]

Official / Indigenous languages

Official / Indigenous languages

Kahs Kosrae (Kosraean)
* note: English is also widely spoken 

Common greetings in Kas Kosrae (pdf)

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6,616 (2010) [2]

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Number of schools

8 schools in SY19-20
6 public elementary; 1 public high school; 1 private school [3]

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Number of students

1,919 in SY19-20 [4]

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Number of teachers

209 teachers in SY19-20 [4]

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Teacher credentials

50% qualified; 36% certified in SY19-20
89% with associate’s degree
11% with bachelor’s degree [4]

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Institutes of higher education

College of Micronesia Kosrae Campus offers associate degrees in elementary education, electronics technology, and telecommunications, as well as certificates and programs in agriculture, carpentry, electronic engineering, trial counseling, bookkeeping, and general studies.