Standards and Assessment

PREL’s educational assessment work helps education agencies and educators determine what students should know and be able to do in relation to standards and curriculum. Our work includes formative, summative, and diagnostic assessment and is used to measure student or system performance. PREL services are also currently used for accountability at the school, state, and federal level.

Featured Service

  • Formative Assessment Processes: PREL staff offers services that highlight five critical attributes of effective formative assessment processes in the classroom: learning pathways, learning goals and criteria for success, descriptive feedback, self- and peer-assessment, and teacher/student collaborations. We provide support to instructional leaders, teachers, parents, and community members interested in actively engaging students in a systematic process intended to improve their learning.

Related Resources

  • Short Assessments for Literacy (SAL) K–3
  • Short Assessments for Mathematics (SAM) K–3

Recent Projects

  • American Samoa: K-12 Standards Revision & Implementation
  • Asian Development Bank: Quality Primary Education in the Pacific Region
  • Guam: College & Career Ready Assessment Development & Implementation
  • Guam: Development and Implementation of CHamoru Language and Culture Standards, Grades 7-10

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