Consulting & Technical Assistance

PREL collaborates with federal programs, state educational agencies, non-profits, and others to identify and implement customized and sustainable solutions to challenges related to education and human development in the Pacific.

Whether it’s enhancing STEM learning, supporting migrant education, strengthening academic literacy for vernacular and English speakers, designing research and evaluation studies, or bolstering early childhood education, PREL works with local communities and agencies using the proven results of research to transform education and promote dynamic reciprocal learning communities.

Our collaborative planning, service delivery, and intensive analyses are informed by research and practice. We customize our work to each client’s needs and circumstances. If you have a question about a service not detailed on our website or about the consulting and technical assistance services we offer in general, please contact us!

Recent Projects

  • Data Use Standards: Knowledge, Skills, and Professional Behaviors for Effective Data Use – A Hawaii Department of Education Initiative
  • Implementing College & Career Ready Science Standards in the Republic of the Marshall Islands
  • Strategic Collaborations for Information Literacy (SCIL)
  • National Endowment for the Arts: Pacific Territorial Arts Councils
  • National Libraries of Medicine: Disaster Health Information Outreach & Collaboration

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