Pacific Storytellers Cooperative

The Pacific Storytellers Cooperative is a website that provides a platform for place-based stories from the Pacific Islands to be shared with a global audience. This multimedia effort organized by Pacific Resources for Education and Learning embraces the rich Pacific storytelling heritage and brings it into the internet age.

The Cooperative seeks to find the nexus between oral traditions of island communities and present-day modalities of communication, especially among Pacific youth. Recognizing that storytelling is an embedded part of Pacific and indigenous cultures generally, the Cooperative aims to encourage the younger generations to tell their stories, while utilizing greater levels of connectivity and improved technical capacity.

The Pacific Storytellers Cooperative accepts submissions in all forms from indigenous Pacific Islanders including written stories, photos, videos, and poetry. An editorial advisory group composed of volunteers from across the region will serve as content curators and submissions will be edited for clarity and length. Submissions can be emailed to Dan Lin, PREL Senior Specialist for Research and Policy, at

The project is currently supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

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