E Ho`omau! (to persevere; to learn from the past, and perpetuate the good), is a series of visually rich and engaging supplemental programs that integrate animated versions of classic Hawaiian stories with accompanying graphic novels and science-focused text-sets, designed to foster literacy, science, and culture.


Along with the animated short stories, each legend has an accompanying graphic novel, extending the adventures of the stories’ characters. Both educational and entertaining, each story is an original adaptation of the famous legends.


The rich cultural knowledge of astronomy, ecology, geology and history portrayed in these stories are complemented with a set of science text-sets. Each set links these themes with current science understandings.


Watch three animated versions of traditional Hawaiian stories, Why Māui Snared the Sun, The Menehune and the Birds, and Pele Searches for a Home. Each animation produced and directed in Hawai`i with local actors and animators.

Customized teacher professional development is also available to help you tailor the curriculum to your school’s needs. If you are interested, contact us at communications@prel.org for pricing and scheduling.

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