Conference Location and Themes

2017 Pacific Educational Conference (PEC)

Koror, Republic of Palau: July 17-21, 2017

Conference locations are selected by the Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL) Board of Directors, which consists of chief state school officers and community representatives from PREL’s constituents. As in year’s past, the PEC 2017 Organizing Committee has recommended a theme, which has been approved by the Conference hosts, for this year’s conference – “Quality and Sustainability in Education for Student Success” along with its Palauan translation, “Bedochel e Motekau el Kedul a Omesuub el Kirel a Klungiolir a Rengalek”.

30th PEC 2017 Logo Description

The 30th Pacific Educational Conference logo depicts the conference theme. The image of the bai (chiefs meeting house) symbolizes Palau’s rich cultural heritage, which is the pride of the village in traditional Palau. The bai requires high quality expertise and creative craftsmanship including appropriate technologies and materials for its design and construction. Once put into use, it is expected that decisions made in the bai promote harmony, wellbeing, and sustenance of the village. Figuratively, education in the modern time requires similar characteristics and expectations as that of the bai in preparing our children for the future.

The symbols on the gable end facade of the bai portray the key elements of the conference theme. At the apex, the sun over the blue ocean represents the bright future of the Pacific region, the olbidel (traditional lamp) signifies learning or knowledge, the islands stand for the Pacific island nations, and the family embodies the critical roles that parents and community have in partnership with schools for educating our children. The roosters communicating by the main entrance of the bai symbolize the call for strong collaboration and open communication among all education